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10-20% New Year Sale, 18 Dec – 12 Jan

ABxStore Finland will go on New Year Sale from 18 December, 2013 to 12 January, 2014, but please note that orders received during the New Year Sale will be dispatched on 13 January, 2014. … more

15% Summer Sale Jun 15 – Aug 18 but dispatch on Aug 19 2013

ABxStore Finland will go on Summer Sale from June 15 … more

Week 20, 2013 – Collaboration with Johanna Gullichsen

Johanna Gullichsen has always been our favorite woven textile designer and maker, a source of inspiration. We’ve always been enchanted with her sense of color combination, the delicacy of woven threads and the positive vibes of well-made products…. more

A:B at Arts

Exposed, Art & Design Sale event on May 18-19 2013

On this weekend May 18-19, About:Blank is going to take part in Arts Exposed, an Art and Design Sale event in Helsinki…. more

Week 11, 2013 – Wood is Wood.

On March 11, Seungho and I drove to Halikko where Formesa, a manufacturer of About Blank Stand, locates. Since we do not own a car, we have been renting a car whenever needed and Smart from Benz has been the one we choose all the time…. more

2nd Quality Stand with cork top

Some of you might have known, we have been offering our 2nd quality products on our online store. … more

The 2nd promotion of About:Blank at Monoqi

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