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We modified the trading algorithm of the Joker EA to improve performance and trading quality!

Backtest of the Joker EA Forex Robot:

We all know that most Forex expert advisors just don’t work. In fact, they’re far more likely to lose money for your account than to make it. So we understand your skepticism. That’s why we offer real money, real account proof. Real profits on a live account. Not a demo account, but a real one!

Please pay attention to the fact that the profitability of «Joker EA», as well as any scalper, depends on the quality of execution of transactions and the size spread of your broker. We strongly recommend you to used the «Joker EA» on accounts type ecn.mt4.

As you know, automated forex trading with Expert Advisors today is very popular among traders of different levels. This is a simple way to easy forex trading.

There are several reasons:

  • Forex Robots are impartial. They sell strictly by defined algorithm and are not affected by human emotions.
  • Their presence in the

    market can be non-stop, and they do not get tired! They are able to work on graphs of small size, fast response to small changes of the market and often take profits in small portions.

  • While the Forex Robots works and earns you are busy with your affairs.

But for great profit forex robots must be a well-written. and has proven its effectiveness in practice .

  • Forex EA must be effective, must earn.
  • Forex EA is desirable that it could make profit every day. This creates a pleasant feeling of daily progress.
  • Forex EA must be safe, have a competent money management.
  • Use a small percentage of your deposit in every transaction.
  • Not used the dangerous principle of the Martingale.
  • Have a unique ability to open and close trades, put stop losses.
  • Forex EA must work with the trend.
  • Forex EA must be resistant to sudden changes in market conditions.
  • Forex EA must not be very sensitive to deviations from the optimal settings.

MyFXBook Real Monitoring proof:

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